Table Reservation

If you would like to hold a table for 10 for the 2018 functions please email
We require your Name, 25 Year Club number & State you will be attending.

As an organiser of  a table, you need to be aware of the following:

Tables of less than 10 guests will not be reserved.
New Inductees can not be included on your table
You will need to advise your table group that when they RSVP, they need to select your table in the ‘Sections’ area of the booking site.
(full instructions will be available on the 25 Year Club website when RSVP’s open)
Your name and final table number will be displayed on the 25 Year Club website one week prior to your event.

Reserved Table Numbers - Queensland
Please note tables are listed under table captains name.
Anne Johnstone - Table 4Jennifer Walker - Table 51Kathy Clayton - Table 15Nancy Barry - Table 41
Ashley Smith - Table 16Jillian Warren - Table 32Katrina Riys - Table 49Narelle Albury - Table 42
Brian Lindeberg - Table 3Joann Thompson - Table 33Kellie Dew - Table 34Philip Wren - Table 43
Carmen Elliott - Table 30John Ludbrooke - Table 47Kim Villiers - Table 20Roslyn Vaughan - Table 18
Carol Naumann - Table 52John McGill - Table 35Lynda Wylie - Table 17Tasmal Theodore - Table 44
Con Comino - Table 2Jose Orozco - Table 48Malcolm Shield - Table 37Terrie Kingsman - Table 45
Daniel Milligan - Table 1Judy Garside - Table 14Margaret Ward - Table 38Trudie Tulk - Table 46
Dianne Hurley - Table 21Julee-Anne Thornhill - Table 19Mark Jarvis - Table 53
Jan Brophy - Table 31Julie Verrall - Table 36Marlene Jaraminas - Table 39
Jeanette Bertwistle - Table 54Karen Evans - Table 50Michael Borg - Table 40