Table Reservation

As an organiser of  a table, you need to be aware of the following:

Tables of less than 10 guests will not be reserved.
New Inductees can not be included on your table
You will need to advise your table group that when they RSVP, they need to select your table in the ‘Sections’ area of the booking site.
(full instructions will be available on the 25 Year Club website when RSVP’s open)
Your name and final table number will be displayed on the 25 Year Club website one week prior to your event.

Reserved Table Numbers - South Australia
Please note tables are listed under table captains first name.

Anne-Marie Alexander -Table 1 Elizabeth Doudle -Table 14 Joanne Morton -Table 19 Nerida Coad -Table 26 Simon Turner -Table 20
Annette Mckay -Table 2 Fiona Warmington -Table 31 John Marr -Table 32 Pamela Drew -Table 33 Wendy Arnold -Table 3
Anthony Boughton -Table 10 Ian Cooke -Table 15 Lesley Smith -Table 22 Sharyn Hutchinson -Table 23
Chris Potter -Table 11 Janette Mayger -Table 16 Lidia Stephens -Table 21 Sharyne Taylor -Table 25
Damien Richardson -Table 12 Jeanette Donnell -Table 17 Lisa Carter -Table 30 Shelley Burfoot -Table 29
Debbie Logan -Table 28 Jenny Archdall -Table 18 Lyn O'Brien -Table 13 Shelley Juniper -Table 27